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As part of our continuing look at ethics in healthcare policy, this month we’re examining the question of the role, responsibility and relationship of Big Pharma and prescribing physicians in our HExN poll.

Given the recent antics of former Turing pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Skrelli – who infamously raised the cost of a life-saving drug many-fold with an honest, but boldface justification that his profit margins were too low – the industry as a whole now faces greater scrutiny and calls for regulations to control not only pricing … but also, perhaps, availability, marketing and off-label use.

Some are also advocating review or ban of television commercials touting the many benefits (and dangerous side-effects) of pharmaceuticals products and treating them as in a category like tobacco and alcohol. But, it doesn’t stop there as some think there should be an end to common industry practices of pharma promotions, perks and benefits doled out for endorsement, promotion and prescribing specific products to patients.

So, what do you think?.. Does big Pharma and the medical community have a responsibility to avoid conflicts of interest or compensation of any kind and what limits should be placed on consumer marketing? Take a look at some of these clips we gathered to explore the issues and vote in our new HExN poll.

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Pharma Shkreli

Pharma bad-boy Martin Shkreli “testifies” before a Congressional hearing. It might be funny as an SNL skit- but not so much in real life.

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Pharma Spot Spoof

A funny – but sobering satire of the extreme outcome of undue influence product suppliers can have on medical providers and patients. Courtesy: HBO

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Dollars for Doctors

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Last Week Pharma

HBO’s John Oliver takes on healthcare.

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TedMed Pharma

TedMed talk by Ben Goldacre discussing role of Big Pharma in American Healthcare.

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Pharma Marketing

Review of some of the marketing and promotional efforts made by Pharma companies to sell their products.

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