Central Logic Launches Patient Connect

New Solution Is the First to Reliably Operationalize Care Coordination and Population Health Management


Central Logic, the leading provider of transfer center and on-call scheduling technology solutions for healthcare systems, launches Patient Connect, a web-based technology that, for the first time will operationalize care coordination by providing comprehensive visibility to key data from inside and outside a hospital’s four walls.

“Patient Connect is a revolutionary innovation that redefines how hospitals will coordinate care and puts an emphasis on better understanding the patient’s perspective,” said Jennifer Holmes, Central Logic President and CEO. “It’s the first in the healthcare IT marketplace to reliably track and manage patients across the entire continuum of care.”

Patient Connect is the first solution to operationalize care coordination and population health management by allowing health systems to centralize, see, use and share key data and to make decisions in real time to improve patient care.

The technology creates access to actionable information by collecting these critical data points from inside and outside a hospital’s four walls, centralizing and standardizing all information collected, and providing actionable data analytics through dashboards and automatically-delivered reports and threshold alerts.

“Patient Connect is the newest product in our innovative suite of patient flow and care coordination applications. It’s a complete solution to improve a hospital’s clinical and business outcomes.” said Scott Jordan, Central Logic’s Chief Innovation Officer. “It’s a natural progression to build upon our expertise in medical access centers and provider logistics to address the full continuum of care. We’re excited to launch this ground breaking solution.”

Logically using data analytics to target business and clinical risk, Central Logic Patient Connect positively impacts nine key indicators on the continuum of care: clinical standards, discharge planning, population health management, readmission reduction, patient experience, value-based care, quality assurance and compliance, care coordination, and real-time analytics and dashboards.

“Unlike any other solution available today, Patient Connect offers a comprehensive approach that tells the complete patient care story and links it to the entire hospital operation. It provides access to data unavailable until now, and opens the door for creating impactful predictive analytics to help stay ahead of issues,” said Holmes. “Hospitals no longer must rely on predetermined data fields. Patient Connect’s versatility brings the patient back to the center of care by capturing critical data in real time and providing unparalleled visibility to improve patient outcomes.”


About Central Logic: As the industry’s leading provider of innovative transfer center and on-call scheduling technology that operationalizes healthcare, Central Logic’s team works collaboratively with nearly 500 hospitals and thousands of healthcare customers or relationships – including physicians, administrators, and healthcare staff – to design and implement patient flow and care coordination software solutions that increase admissions, maximize capacity, standardize processes and centralize patient data to provide real-time visibility and actionable data from inside and outside of the hospital’s four walls. Founded in 2005, the company helps hospitals measurably drive and improve patient outcomes through increasing the number of patient admissions and patient transfer volumes while maximizing hospital staffing, efficiency and care coordination. Learn more at www.CentralLogic.com.