Getting Clarity

As many of you know, we have been building the Healthcare Executives Network for eight years, without knowing exactly the shape it would eventually take. WIth thousands joining us every month, we have been asking the question, “How can we provide greater value to such an outstanding group of leaders?”

Since it is sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees, we decided to bring in some outside expertise to help us gain business clarity.

We think you are going to enjoy seeing the results of the new strategies we are putting in to place to better inform, educate, and connect our members.

We now believe that the Healthcare Executives Network has even more potential than we previously thought to positively impact all of us professionally.

Every business needs times of fresh clarity. We are happy to recommend to you our “Clarity Therapist”, Steve Woodruff, who has worked in the healthcare and business arena for nearly 30 years. You can learn more about his consulting services at You can also reach Steve by emailing

Thank you for being a part of the Healthcare Executives Network.

Let us know your ideas on how we can better serve the community.

Tim Foley
Executive Director
Healthcare Executives Network