Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care: Charting the Future of Primary Care

Charting the Future of Primary Care: A Case-Based Program
June 9th–12th 2016
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA 02115

Transforming primary care and health care systems to meet 21st century societal

needs and patient expectations will require bold vision and unprecedented
execution. Managing change, bending the cost curve, and caring for an aging
population are among the many pressing demands on practices and systems that
demand radically new approaches to teamwork, culture, financing, and use of
information technology.
In this program, you will join in discussions with leaders from around the world who
are reinventing their approach to primary care. You will have the opportunity to share
and develop a framework for transforming your own practices. And you will create relationships
with others on the same journey, so that once the meeting ends, you can
continue to share your experience and learnings. Join us and discover better ways to
deliver on the promise of primary care.
What Will You Study?
This intense four day program pairs case-based discussions led by Harvard faculty with
“deep dive” conversations with the leaders of the exemplar organizations
profiled in the cases. You will gain competency in the following areas:
• Analyzing and discussing a number of real-life primary care and leadership
challenges via the Harvard Business School case method.
• Evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges facing multiple primary
care delivery models from around the world.
• Building, participating in, and leading high performing, results-focused teams.

Cases will consider innovative and optimal primary care system design with specific
focus on finance, healthcare IT, change management, operations, organizational culture,
teams, patient satisfaction, and leadership.

Featuring World Renowned Leaders
• Southcentral Foundation, Alaska: Katherine Gottlieb, CEO
• Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, New Jersey: Jeff Brenner, Executive
Director and Founder
• Martin’s Point Health Care-Bangor, Maine: Charlie Burger, Physician
• Gezondheidscentrum de Roerdomp, Nieuwegein, Netherlands: Jan Joost Meijs,

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