Healthcare Industry Transformation via the Internet of Things – See how on April 28th for Free

The transformation of the healthcare and life science industry has begun.

While it may take many years to “reach the nirvana” state, the shake-up in patient / provider and payer processes / analytics systems will leave our industry significantly disrupted. The global IoT (Internet of Things) healthcare market is expected to grow from $30 billion in 2015 to $150 billion + by 2020 and IoT-enabled connectivity within hospital labs will increase total global laboratory test throughput by more than 3 billion diagnostic tests over the next 5 years.

Given the impact IoT is expected to have on our industry, HExN is delighted to extend its partnership with the IoT Community on its Second International, IoT Slam® 2016 Virtual Internet of Things conference; taking place April 28th 2016, on-line in the cloud. I am delighted to share a limited member offer – Use this link to REGISTER NOW FOR FREE. (Limited to first 100 HExN members to register – Strictly one registration per person – Please only register if you will definitely attend.)

IoT Slam 2016 is an immersive full day virtual event that gives healthcare & life science practitioners information and experiences related to the business opportunities as well as technical and operational challenges of adopting IoT applications.

Delighted to announce that Intel Chief Medical Officer John Sotos is delivering a Keynote address at IoT Slam 2016 focused on IoT and Healthcare – Here is the link:

Core Healthcare IoT topics specifically being covered at IoT Slam include:

Consumer-driven healthcare
Digital healthcare transformation
Impact of HIPAA on IoT opportunities
Extracting insights from all the data
Remote patient monitoring
Providers begin shift toward remote healthcare
Creating baseline and benchmark databases
Patient centered analytics
Cognitive coaching apps
Government regulations
Better component technology
Device interoperability and data integration
Security and privacy issues
Sharing of patient data
Integration of research, operational and IT analytics

Join thousands of IoT practitioners, senior healthcare IT decision makers, and IoT community members who have already secured their place “in the cloud” on April 28th at this landmark event of 2016. Attendees will learn best practices on the business opportunities and operational issues associated with the Internet of Things.

If you have any questions about how you can participate in the event / or in general, please contact Bill Mortimer – IoT Slam Conference Chair at