AND THE WINNER IS … The results of our HExN Super Bowl Flash Poll are in: IS FOOTBALL SAFE ?
44% … Nearly half of those responding believe it COULD BE, with better rules, equipment and training
30% … Almost one-third say NO, it’s dangerous and should be tightly regulated, especially for kids.
13% … say they DON’T KNOW, more studies and research is needed.
13% … say they DON’T CARE and just want to know who won … which by the way was the Denver Broncos.

Congratulations to them and thanks to everyone who played along with our poll.

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Original post:

IT’S SUPER BOWL WEEKEND … and leave it to us to preview the big game from a healthcare point of view. Not to be a buzz kill, but one of the biggest controversies this year is not about under-inflated footballs but rather, swelling brains and an alarming correlation to head injuries and concussion. Of course it doesn’t help the NFL image, or business model, that a new hollywood movie (“CONCUSSION”) has just been released celebrating the doctor who has unarguably revealed the dangers of football-related head trauma. Numerous NFL veterans have been exhibiting symptoms and diagnosed with all kinds of related cognitive health issues and parents all across the country are questioning if it’s worth the risk to let their kids play football.

The league has responded with numerous rule changes, equipment upgrades and monitoring – right down to an independent league official who can rule, in real time, whether a player should be allowed back on the field after a brutal hit. But, like a cold bucket of Gatorade, this is a chilling and sobering issue which won’t go away anytime soon.

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