IT Security, Compliance Become a Difficult Balancing Act

Organizations in health care and virtually every sector  have been challenged significantly of late when it comes to protecting information from breach, exposure, theft and loss, as so many threats have emerged in such a small period of time. The cost of experiencing a major data breach is going up quickly as the years pass, and the rate of entities (healthcare providers) to not have been impacted by one of these events is falling fast as well.

These are some of the many reasons why government officials have begun to scale up their legislative efforts to hold businesses, health care providers and others more accountable for their failures in the IT security arena. However, many government officials have been concerned about the accuracy and timeliness of regulatory overhauls, and balancing compliance with internal cybersecurity frameworks can be a difficult act for any organization in today’s complex landscape.

Challenges spreading
Infosecurity Magazine recently argued that one of the more precarious aspects of regulatory compliance today is that the laws take a bit longer to craft and pass than for hackers and other threats to evolve. For years now, many security analysts have urged companies to not only meet the demands of regulatory compliance for IT security matters, but also to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that they are properly protected from risks.

According to the news provider, the European Union is working on one such piece of compliance that will potentially be a more effective line of standardized controls and statutes in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation. However, it is yet to be seen whether this law will truly help to reduce the rate and damages of data breach and subsequent identity theft given how swiftly the threat landscape transforms.

The source pointed out that breaches will be subject to much harsher penalties and fines when the victimized company is found not to have been in compliance with the law.

Getting the right support
As security concerns continue to rise, organization leaders might do well to find a strong partner for secure cloud, email encryption and other protective solutions in the near future. In many instances, leveraging the support of a service provider that can assist with compliance and internal security needs will represent the best path forward for organizations of all types and sizes.