We are amid the greatest global pandemic. COVID has entered our world and we will never be the same. We understand to keep apart, wear masks, observe the slightest effect on our health to be able to discern as soon as possible did we catch COVD -or are we in fact fine.

The latest facts are the development of a much more contagious and deadly variant. The latest news doe does not clarify if the newest prescribed vaccine will be able to protect us, and the information around getting a vaccine is- there is not enough for all at this time.

The team at Alternate E Source chose IoT technology. We have been on the mission of Public Health and Safety and measures since the release of the SmartXcan. Web based and smart, this device far superior to a hand or tablet “checker “or “camera”. Stanford Medical has developed a standard for the measurement of elevated body temperature, and the SmartXcan is developed for that purpose.

Utilizing this “smart” accurate diagnostic tool, which is calibrated, and tuned in with AI for the best thermal detection, has provided to be clear protection in a time of confusion. Further we discuss the future implications of Remote Patient Healthcare and how the SmartXcan truly can stop COVID at the door.

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