Revolutionizing Care Coordination

by Jennifer Holmes, Central Logic President & CEO


Improving patient care across the entire continuum is Central Logic’s core mission and it’s my personal passion. Nine years ago, I lost my father too soon at the age of 69 due to lack of communication between his healthcare providers. His clinicians didn’t have the complete picture of his health history and incorrectly prescribed medication, a course of action which ultimately took his life six weeks later.


As a healthcare executive, that devastating experience has motivated me to do what I can to help solve the complex issues that surround care coordination.


That’s why I’m so excited that Central Logic has launched Patient Connect, a comprehensive web-based SaaS technology that provides critical – and, until now, unavailable – visibility into real-time patient data from inside and outside the four walls. In direct response to the industry’s care coordination challenges, Patient Connect collects key data points, standardizes processes, centralizes actionable data and operationalizes care coordination. For the first time, health systems can now reliably track and manage patients across the entire continuum of care.


Filling The EHRs Gaps


The healthcare industry is in transition and one of the casualties is that Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have gaps. I believe it’s the responsibility of companies like Central Logic to help fill those gaps to ensure our customers get access to technology that supports their care coordination efforts. The information entered into EHR systems while the patient is in a bed is certainly critical, but what happens when that patient leaves the hospital? Gaining access to that information is also paramount for providers to get the complete picture of the patient’s health story.


We need to provide solutions that gives visibility into patient care outside the hospital’s four walls, which is exactly what Patient Connect now offers. Providers and physicians are being asked to act with very little or no visibility into patient care coordination after discharge, which is dangerous.


Providers can’t fix what they can’t see, and if they don’t see the gaps in patient care, it’s often too late. Central Logic is committed to being innovative leaders, offering a solution to connect important and actionable data in easy-to-use tools to help providers give patients the best care possible.


The Patient Story


Patient Connect essentially brings the patient story back to the center of care. Our technology was specifically developed to solve the problem of health systems lacking visibility into their complete care coordination efforts.


Transparency to critical and complete data allows health systems to take action because they can finally see a snapshot of the entire patient’s story. Patient Connect is able to identify and solve a myriad of post-discharge patient issues never before visible. These could include confusion with discharge instructions, medications filled improperly, home health visits and scheduling, determining the most appropriate long or short term facility, transportation and mobility difficulties. Unparalleled visibility into this data allows systems to risk stratify and better predict patient behavior and needs, improving length of stay and reducing readmissions. Ultimately, the entire patient experience is positively impacted.


Patient Connect won’t bring back my father. But I’m proud to be a part of this innovative, technology solution that I believe will be a game changer as providers face continued challenges in today’s healthcare marketplace. Armed with Patient Connect, providers now have a tool to drastically improve a patient’s care coordination experience which I’m sure will give a happier ending to the stories of many patients and families.


Learn more about Patient Connect here.