Senior Vice President of Planning and Strategy Execution (NY)

The Senior Vice President of Planning and Strategy Execution:


  • Oversee the formal strategic planning process on both an annual and long-term basis, including:  timely competitive market analyses (demographic, utilization, regulatory and competitor trends analyses); ongoing assessment of market position; and formulation of strategic vision and planning assumptions.
  • Provide insightful strategic analysis and guidance for the CEO and President/COO.
  • Identify, develop and present both strategic and tactical health care policy recommendations for the CEO and Executive Leadership Team.
  • Utilize national health care and industry trends and competitive intelligence to position Healthfirst to make informed, effective decisions regarding strategic direction and organizational development.
  • Develop strategic direction measures of success including identification of accountabilities and on-going monitoring of processes and timelines.



  • As the leader of the company’s strategy development, the SVP is responsible for establishing and evolving the group’s overall strategic direction, portfolio of services, and alignment of activities within the broader context of the organization.
  • Job requirements may be added and/or changed due to business needs.  Job requirements include compliance with all Healthfirst policies and procedures.



Core Responsibilities: 

  • Facilitate the delivery of a long-term enterprise strategic plan including supporting functional plans.
  • Partner with the Executive Leadership Team, Finance and the Enterprise PMO to deliver an annual enterprise operational plan and budget for board approval.
  • Create guidelines and processes that are marketplace and industry driven to shape business, operating and strategic plans
  • Develop performance measures for monitoring all corporate business and strategic plans and measure results and variations
  • Protect the ongoing integrity of the strategic plan
  • Develop guidelines for organization to assure alignment of plans and strategies
  • Define recommendations for operational improvements, organizational effectiveness, strategic options and/or change management methods.
  • Establish and maintain the operating budgets for the division.
  • Responsible for business planning and strategic planning across the enterprise.
  • Create guidelines for the business and measure corporate business plans alignment with industry and marketplace.
  • Ensure annual business and strategic plans are developed and implemented and aligned with goals and strategies.
  • Ensure the Executive Team is well informed and educated on annual goals, business and strategic plans and approves the Strategic Plan each year.
  • Partner with Executive Leadership Team and HR to cascade and operationalize annual and long-term goals.



professional qualifications

  • A minimum of 15 years of demonstrated strategic leadership experience in the health care industry
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in research, development, marketing and execution of innovative business strategies in a large corporate environment
  • Demonstrated success in creating, executing and monitoring strategic business plans to achieve corporate goals
  • Demonstrated success in leading health care industry research, market analysis and competitive intelligence with the ability to effectively identify the business implications of research finding and recommend specific actions
  • Exceptional analytic and communication skills with the ability to effectively and concisely communicate complex research findings to a variety of key groups and individuals
  • A proven ability to effectively and efficiently manage several high priority projects at the same time and delegate appropriately
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial talent and the ability to identify business opportunities or threats and apply effective business principles to achieve success
  • Consistently strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build and sustain effective working relationships
  • The ability to share and celebrate success with colleagues and staff
  • The ability to create a high energy results oriented work environment that encourages colleagues and staff to value each other’s contributions
  • 10-15 years of business experience in health care, business, strategic development and strategic business partnerships and ventures
  • 5+ years in health care research, market analysis, competitive intelligence, and understanding and presenting relevant strategic implications
  • General management and corporate expertise



  • A Master’s Degree in health care administration, business administration or a related field or a medical degree



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