The Candidates – Results of the HExN Survey

Donald Trump wins in a landslide. While far from scientific – but what election is? – the opinions of nearly half of those participating in the poll, 49%, chose the Republican Businessman as top choice.

His primary challenger, Dr. Ben Carson ended up a distant 2nd, more than 30 points behind with 15%. He was followed by Democrats Hillary Clinton with 12% and Sen. Bernie Sanders with 11%.

Trailing far behind, Sen. Ted Cruz received 4% support for his views, with Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. John Kasich and Carly Fiorina each at 2%. Gov. Chris Christie and George Pataki both earned 1% with the remaining candidates in the survey, Dr. Rand Paul, Jeb Bush and Gov. Bobby Jindal registered less than <1%.
Thanks very much for participating in this Candidate Poll. We will repeat this survey again early next year to get another snapshot of general support for whoever remains standing through the primary season. In the meantime, we hope you will watch-out and take part in our next poll, which be posted here next week.

Which Presidential Candidate has the best position on Healthcare?

Watch these clips to learn more on the candidates’ positions.



Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on Healthcare. Courtesy: Fox News

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton on Healthcare.


Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson on how access to affordable healthcare should be structured.


Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders on Healthcare.


Republican Presidential Candidate Senator Marco Rubio on Healthcare. Courtesy: Rubio Campaign


Republican Presidential Candidate Senator Ted Cruz on Healthcare. Courtesy: WMUR-TV



Republican Presidential Candidate Gov. John Kasich


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