The Debate Rages on: Aligning Cost with Value in Oncology

The recent webinar “Demonstrating Value in Price” turned out to be one of the hottest debates between key oncology stakeholders in 2016! Throughout the discussion your industry peers asked a plethora of vital questions on pricing & value frameworks…

In response, eyeforpharma has developed a paper compiling industry research, top insights from the webinar, and exclusive interviews on “Aligning Cost with Value in Oncology”.

Contributors to the briefing include:

• Mike Kolodziej, National Medical Director, Aetna

• Scott Shortenhaus, Director Oncology, Professional Relations, Advocacy, & Policy, Eli Lilly

• Anna Forsythe, Head of Global Value & Access, Eisai • Steven Paulson, CEO, Texas Oncology

• Jack Whelan, Cancer Warrior

They cover various value frameworks and clinical pathways, defining the definite value in oncology, and how to ensure the patient’s voice is heard. The section on reimbursement discrepancies is certainly telling!

Access your copy of the paper here.