Improve Cashflow through this Exclusive Offer


As a member of the HExN community, your healthcare organization can benefit from an exclusive offer from TSI, formerly Transworld Systems, the industry leader in healthcare collections.

TSI can help you greatly improve cashflow through their array of solutions that enable you to collect money faster while maintaining a positive relationship with your patients.

Cash flow is a critical aspect of every healthcare organization. TSI offers you the ability to submit past due accounts into three different and powerful collections solutions and keep the cash flowing.

A leader in healthcare collections and compliance, TSI understands the ever-changing industry laws and regulations, including HIPAA, FDCPA, CFPB, PCI, TCPA, as well as state and municipal laws.

They also understand the importance of maintaining patient relationships. Rest assured TSI will collect the most for you, while allowing your patients to maintain their dignity and respect. That means less time doing paperwork, better patient satisfaction, and best of all, improved collections.

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