Wearable Tech + Digital Health NYC conference on June 7th, and NeuroTech NYC on June 8th

The Healthcare Executives Network is proud to sponsor this fantastic event:

On June 7-8, at the New York Academy of Sciences, Wearable Tech + Digital Health + NeuroTech NYC will explore advanced sensors, connected devices, cloud computing, and data analysis for optimized health. Scientists, technologists, health systems, investors, sensor, device and app creators, machine learning, deep learning, AI, and big data experts will gather at these highly curated conferences.

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Sessions include:

• Cornell Tech’s Deborah Estrin on Small Data in healthcare

• Draper’s Philip Parks on sensation restoring neural interfaces and deep brain stimulation

• Mount Sinai’s Joel Dudley on digital health, genomics, and data science based precision wellness

• UnitedHealth’s Vidya Raman-Tangella on enabling technologies for wellness

• DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office Director Justin Sanchez on human-machine symbiosis

• Takeda’s Daniel J. Gandor on the pharma giant’s patient-centered, outcomes focused, digital healthcare evolution

• Mayo Clinics’s Michael Dayan on neuroimaging in Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s Disease

• Resonate Health’s Wen Dombrowski on tools to help seniors age in place, and support caregivers

• Harvard, MGH, and Brain Power’s Arshya Vahabzadeh on the (digital) future of psychiatry

• Harvard, Brigham & Women’s and JMIR Mental Health’s John Touros on the adoption and effectiveness of mental health apps

• Brain Power’s Ned Sahin on wearables to help autistic kids learn and interact

• UNYQ’s Eythor Bender on customized, 3D printed, connected exoskeletons

• NYU’s David Sontag on machine learning in healthcare • Columbia’s C. Gustavo de Moraes on smart contact lenses to monitor glaucoma and other diseases

• Trauma Surgeon Rafael Grossmann on mixed reality in the operating room

• Olympic Cyclist Sky Christopherson on how wearables were used to win Olympic medals

• Tel Aviv University & Neurosteer’s Nathan Intrator on tuning the brain with wearables, not drugs

• NeuroVigil, NASA & MIT’s Philip Low on communication and function enabling BCI

• MIT, Empatica, & Affectiva’s Rosalind Picard on tracking stress, sleep and seizures with a wristband

• StartUp Health’s Unity Stoakes, Norwest Venture Partners’ Robert Mittendorff, and dRx Capital’s Aaron Nelson on digital health investing

• MIT’s Adam Marblestone on the Synthetic Biology Group’s Neurotech Roadmap

• Harvard and MGH’s Doo Yeon Kim on a 3D neural cell culture model of Alzheimer’s disease

• OpenBCI’s Conor Russomanno on the democratization of neurotechnology

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